Solar street light

Solar Street Light Panoramic Maps

Product Characteristics:
This product takes solar energy as power supply, so it can be charged at daytime and work at night. No exterior power supply is needed. It workd safely, efficiently and no pollution occurs. A microcomputer is fixed to control the process of charging and turning on/off the lamp, it turns on antomatically at night and turn off at daytime; no operator is required and it works steadily and reliably with a long-term use.
The exterior of the product is of double-globe shape. Light-transmittable shade and luminous source are closed in with round high-transparent organic glass shade.The entire light fixture full of moden air and practial value is the product with comparatively more favorable ratio of function and price.
Such products are mostly suitable for road lighting of public plazas, park, city sub-road, high-class residential district and the lighting and decoration of residence, villa and courtyard with the sense of modern environmental protection.
Installing method:
Mount the lamo in a place having access to sunshine and keep it sufficient time for sunshine. Turn off the transportation switch and have the lamp insolated for 2 days before first using it. Main lamp working hours should be noted in order contract for the fear of troublesome change after mounting. The fixing holes of light rack should comply with those of lamp seat.