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                                     Garage doors  

Remote Control Garage Door

EU Rolling Garage Door

1Garage Door: Human-nature pinch resistant design

The door panel adopts more human based safety design. Together with intrgral pinch resistant hinges so it can protect your finger when you touching the front or the back surface of the door.
The special arc structure design of the panel connection will bring abetter resolution to the distortion of connec-tion of tradition pinch resistant garage door caused by intension shortage. Therefore, our products is more human than others.

2Garage Door: Noble elegant Sapelli graining style

The new-fangled ultraviolet resistant SHA-BI-LI overlaid on the steel surface, with texture similar to real wood, visually identical to the wooden garage gate in such a natural semblance of rough timber that highights the owner's nobility.
The material has excellent capability, able to bear the ultraviolet ray, and is colour-fast in the sunshine for a long time; at the same time, possessing the function of waterproof and prevention corrosion. Used in the garage door plant surface, it is not merely beautiful, but also it can protect the body stencil plate of the door and not damaged.

3Garage Doors Accessory

Garage Door Window


Leater Texture

Torsion Spring Balance Device Torison Spring Clutch


Remote Controler of Garage Door

Remote Control

4Garage Doors Control System

The door returns in the case of obstruction when if falls
When the door meets an obstruction(the pressure is adjustale), the door body will automtically return under safe protection system.
The photo beam protector system
There will be one pair of photo beam protector at two sides of the door they will launch a bunch of unseen lights relatively. When the door falls, if this light beam is interrupted of cut by any object, the door will return immediately. the motor will go with time protection, which insures the safe and reliable movement of garage door and the safety of your vehicles, family and pet.

The automatic time-delay illumination system
When the garage door is opening or closing, the passive illumination system automatically opens, and if will automatically close in 3 minutes (the time is adjustable).
Supass one billion securities passports setting
This remote control system uses 433.92MHz specialized rolling code integrated circuit. Every time you operate, the button will launch a new passport signal. if never launches the sane code for two times, and will protect your system from code lost possiblity.

Many kinds of operation mode
There are three ways to control your garage door such as by manual by remote control and by wire wall button.
Security alarm system
if someone opens your garage door by the unusual way, the security system can immediately alarm automatically, so if can effectively protect your property.
The intelligent control system simple and conveient
The digital intelligent technology makes your operation, ore convenience. On the vehicle, the only thing you need to do is to press the button to control the garage door,totall keep your away from getting off from your car or bearing the bad weather.
Many kinds of power and open speed setup
For the different sizes of garage door, like the single car parking, double car parking garage door or the heavy door, you an choose the different door opener to matah your door. You can also cgoose the different door opener to match your door. You can alsochoose the different open speed system to meet individual needs. The preset parts will help you to achieve simple and quick installation.
Lock the door while power loss
An international patenet.if power loss occurs while the door is operating, the door can be locked manually. When power is available, opreate the opener the opener to the closing position by remote control, the door will be unlocked and work in the normal way.
Delicate and voguish multifunction lock
It is vonfigured with functions of doorknob, emergency key and manual lock; particular structure and easy operation; if adopts all purpose antipry lock core; the key cop-per base is carved and manufactured by computer and the mal-open rate<2

5Garage Doors Hardware

International standard hardware
International standard maunfacture
  All the hardware is manufured strictly strictly according to the international standard. Therefore, our product meet not only china but international rele-vant standards.

High quality steels
  The hardware such as tracks hinges etc are adopt non-spangles hot-galvanizing armor plate, con-figured with high anti-rust capability,long service life, and beautiful appearance.

Various surface management methods
  It provides standard non-soangles hot-galvaniz-ing management to truck and hinge hardware surface, together with white electrophoresis, black electrophoresis, white plastic spraying, black plastic spraying, and special color plastic spraying.

Strict technique
  All the hardware accessories are manufactured strictly according to the techniques.Therefore,they not only possess better precision and appearance but also guarantee silence,smoothness and cred-ibility during the garage door movement.

Perfect balance system
  We provide suitable tensional spring balance system for each garage door after exact calcula-tion. Therefore, our garage door always operates under balancing state which will extend the life of our products.

Tensional spring break protection
  The specialized garage door tensional spring pro-tection device will hold back the door when the spring is breaking suddenly

Side track insert protection
  Specialized whole sealing reveal design for villa which will protect finger from inserting the aperture between the verticl track and the wall.

6.Measuring Garage Doors

Whether you are replacing an existing door or pricing doors for a new garage, you must measure properly to be sure you order the right size. The illustrated instructions below explain the process.

Step #1
Measure the width and height of the door opening in millimetre.
Step #2
Measure for sideroom. You will need 10centimetre on each side to install the vertical track for standard torsion springs,
Step #3
Measure your headroom -- the distance between the top of the door opening (jamb header) and the ceiling (or floor joist). You will need 30cm headroom for standard torsion springs . If you have restricted headroom, a "low headroom" track may be available for your door,You will need 17cm headroom . Be aware that electric operators may require additional headroom.
Step #4
Measure your backroom -- the distance from the door opening to the back wall of the garage. Door height plus 100cm is required. Be aware that electric operators may need additional.