-- plywood
      -- film faced plywood
      -- fancy plywood
      -- block board
      -- mdf & chip board
      -- gypsum board
      -- aluminum composite
      -- melamine mdf &
         particle board

      -- oriented strand 













 Aluminum Composite Panel

Production structure:
  Our aluminum composite panel is complexed by three kinds of materials. 
  The top and under layer are also high stength Al alloy sheets.The middle layer is innocuity polythene board.While thses boards go out of the factory,their top layer is covered by protection film.

 Production spec:
Collection outer layer's dope apply range Standard spec
Polyester collection  Polyester indoor and shop front fitment ad upholstering and so on 2440〜1220〜2-6mm
Fl & carbon collection Fl& carbon Veil and wall project/old storied building retreading/ high climate-endured outdoor direction boards etc.

 production characteristics
  Our aluminum composite panel has many ascendant specialities.please see the enclosed details.     
Light Surface level up heat insulation and sound insulation non-resonance and echo
Surface color uniformity baking lacquer's thickness uniformity endure acidity and resist climate cleaning and maintenance is very easy after the event.
You can choose mulriple colors and lusters. Price is moderate. It is easy to mold and manufacture for the board face, safe and rapid.
Delivery time is very short. We also supply the technology counseling.

 fitting temperature capacity
   Aluminum composite panel is a kind of building material with quite strong fitting temperature capacity.It is difficult to affect them within the range of temperature -50≧ to +80≧.Al and plastic composite panel is not a kind of heat insulation material per se. But it has obvious heat insulation effect in some occasions, for example using for the indoor doors. 

 High strength:
   Al & plastic composite panel belongs a kind of building materials with high strength. Because they are manufactured by Al and hot plastic. They board materials is very light and have higher weight rates. You need not rejigger original building structure when using this kind of board materials.

 Aluminum composite panel colorchart : Click here